The Most Effective Masturbation Techniques

How do you prefer to satisfy your sexual needs? Do you prefer to have sex with your girlfriend/ wife, or you would rather fly solo?

If you prefer to fly solo, then there are exceptional masturbation techniques for men that you should know about and familiarize yourself with. They include; the plastic bag, the cold climax, the hand screw, the palm rubber, the gentle tap as well as the ball holder.

Are you aware that there are several health benefits that men can obtain if they masturbate regularly?

Masturbation plays a significant role in managing premature ejaculation and preventing prostate cancer. It can also make you have harder and longer erections. Additionally, it enhances the motility of sperms, helps in the management of depression as well as stress and also reduces nasal congestion.

The most effective masturbation techniques

The plastic bag

This is one of the most innovative masturbation techniques that all men should try out.mens-sexuality

Get a sandwich bag made of plastic, fill it with your favorite petroleum jelly and then insert your penis inside. Squish the jelly to ensure that the penis is completely covered.

Place your penis/ ankle spanker between the box spring and mattress while it’s still in the sandwich bag.

You won’t believe how wonderful the plastic bag method will make you feel. Additionally, unlike other techniques, you won’t to have to clean up a huge mess thereafter. You’ll just need to dispose the sandwich bag.

The cold climax

To apply the cold climax method, stimulate yourself using the standard procedure. Just before you ejaculate, use your free hand to grab some crushed ice or ice cubes. Continue masturbating until you ejaculate.

The cold feeling you have in one hand, the ejaculating sensation as well as normal body temperature in the other hand significantly enhances the experience.

The hand screw

While in standing position, twist your lubricated hand until your thumb firmly presses against the belly button. Use one of your hands to wrap around the baby-arm/ penis. Instead of stroking the baby-arm using one of your hands, slowly move your pelvis forwards and backwards.

According to people who’ve previously implemented this technique, it made them feel as if they were having sex with real women. If you apply this technique properly, you can be assured of attaining at least two orgasms within a span of one hour.

The ring

Most of the men who’ve applied this technique admit that it’s one of the most gratifying methods for masturbation.

It’s very easy to implement. Simply apply some lubricant on both hands. Use your forefinger and thumb to form a ring.

Place the ring at the bottom of your best friend/ penis. Slide it upwards until you reach the point where the penis’ head starts.

Use your fingers on the other hand to form another ring and then repeat the procedure.

Use one ring every time to stroke the bishop (penis) until you ejaculate.

The gentle tap

The gentle tap method can only be effective if your penis is sensitive.

Make your penis/ baby-maker erect without removing your underpants. When the penis/ beaver-basher becomes fully erect, gently tap its tip using your finger tips.

Even though it will take long to attain orgasm, you won’t believe how exceptional the feeling will be. It’s ideal for people who suffer from premature ejaculation.

The palm rubber

The palm rubber method has been in existence for several years.

To apply this technique, gently stimulate your beef whistle (penis) until it becomes fully erect. Apply some lubricant inside one of your hands and then rub the beef whistle against your lubricated hand, instead of the other way round.

If you apply this technique and finally attain orgasms, the memory will remain etched in your mind for several months.

The ball holder

The ball holder technique is one of the most pleasurable masturbation methods for men.

Apply some lubricant on your hands and gently stroke your bed snake (penis). Just before you reach climax, place the other (free) hand on your scrotum. Gently squeeze the scrotum for a minute or two, and then pull it downwards. After the second minute, consider squeezing and pulling down the scrotum more aggressively.male masturbation methods

The technique can enable you feel the semen travel inside your body, slowly heading towards the exit. The whole sensation is heightened by the fingers which will be busy caressing the balls.

The best sex toys for men

Demand for male sex toys has been growing exponentially over the last few years. This has forced manufacturers and suppliers to work harder so as to satisfy the huge demand.

The following is a list of some of the best toys that are extremely effective in satisfying men’s insatiable desire for sex.

Big-O Multi-Stage Vibrating-Penis Ring Frisky Feather Duster Stronic Zwei Black Pearl A & E Lovers’ Kit Fling Slip and Zing (Organic Get Set and Lubricant) Slap Happy-Plus Vibrator Body-Wand Five-Piece Bath-Time Gift Set Duet

Other great sex toys are; We-Vibe Four Plus, Vesper, Couples’ Pleasure-Booster, Jimmy-Jane’s After-Glow Natural Massage-Oil Candle, Fun Wand, Ceres Glass Dildo, Autoblow2 dick sucking machine ,Cobra Libre II and Good-Head Fundamentals Oral-Sex.

Interesting statistics about masturbation

Are you aware that 95% of men regularly masturbate, whereas only 89% of women engage in the same activity?

Are you also aware that 70% men within the institution of marriage masturbate on a regular basis, as opposed to 65% of women?

You may not believe that every day, 40% of men and 22% of women respectively masturbate. The percentage of men and women who masturbate on a weekly basis is 55% and 48% respectively.

55% of women use vibrators, while only 17% of men use similar devices.

Do you know that 41% of people who regularly masturbate have, at one time or another, been caught red-handed? 23% of them are women, whereas only 18% are men.

83%, 90% and 92% of men prefer to sexually please themselves while standing, in the shower and while sitting, in that order.

72%, 84% and 87% of men prefer to masturbate while in the bathtub, on the sofa and in a chair, in that order.

Is it healthy to masturbate using the abovementioned techniques?

Do you always experience premature ejaculation? If you do, then you should consider masturbating approximately two hours before engaging in sex with your partner. It will enable you have intercourse for a very long time period.

Masturbation can enable you avoid prostate cancer. According to medical experts, elderly men who ejaculate frequently are at less risk of developing cancer of the prostate glands.

Do you wish to have harder erections, enhance the motility of your sperms, have shorter refractory periods, reduce nasal congestion or eliminate stress? If you do, then you should consider masturbating on a regularly basis. You can apply one or more of the aforementioned masturbation methods for men.

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